About Martial Arts Rising

The Project is, as the title suggests, all about Martial Arts with special focus on Wing Chun Kung Fu and Krav Maga and will be presented in form of several short movies. Currently we are working on MAN OF KRAV MAGA (Post Production), an action, mystery short, and FIST OF WING CHUN which is currently in Pre-Production.

By involving instructors and practitioners of martial arts, we try to create authentic and action packed scenes which will hopefully engage and entertain the audience. Since there are obvious differences between real fights and movie fighting scenes, not only technically, this is intended solely for entertainment purposes.

The MARTIAL ARTS RISING project is born out of our love for Action Movies and Martial Arts; in no way do we endorse or tolerate violence of any kind.
Martial Arts are not just about fighting skills. Its an extensive philosophy on healty living, meditation and the strengthening of the body and spirit.

We hope to bring some fun and entertainment to the action lovers out there with these films and maybe to spark or further the conversation about Martial Arts and Action Movies in general.


My Name is Bijumon Geevarghese.
I work as a Security Agent at the checkport and as a Wing Chun Kung Fu and Krav Maga instructor. My passion, as you probably guessed, is Martial Arts and Action Movies. And so is yours, I assume, since you landed on this page.

News from around the world, experiences from friends and collegues, and incidents that happen to myself inspire me to create these action movies.

With an amazing Team of Martial Arts Instructors, practitioners, photographers, writers, fillmmaker and buddies, we create short action films hoping to inspire one or the other.

Hopefully you enjoy the visit here at martialarts.com and if you have any questions or requests, dont hesitate to drop us a line or two or connect via our social media channels.


Office Shooting Day

Making of Photos  

Concept drawing for the short film Man of Krav Maga

Concept art by SammaliBros.  

Welcome To Martialartsrising.com

The site and the project is currently at its initial stage. We are working on two short films. The first one with the title MAN OF KRAV MAGA, an action, mystery story about a student of Krav Maga who is completely absorbed in his world of Martial Arts and gets dragged...